How to Be Admired at Work

Humility and patience go a long way

Kit Campoy


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We all have that co-worker. You know the one — the one you avoid. The one that you dread helping. The one you hope won’t call you.

Yep, I’ve had them too. I see their name on the caller ID, and I take a breath before I answer the phone. What could it be this time? Quick, let’s get this over with.

You have a full day already, and then the person that never reads emails is calling to ask you about an email. I know. If you take the extra few moments to help a peer, it will be worth every minute.

Never demand

People demand, and they don’t even know they’re doing it. I don’t know if they’re in a hurry or what, but it’s never a good start. I had a peer like this. Our stores were close in proximity, and she would occasionally need help because she couldn’t keep her store fully staffed.

“I’m going to need help next week!” She exclaimed over the phone.

Uh-huh. Are you? That sounds like a you problem. Now, of course, we helped her, but my whole team did it begrudgingly.

Now, let’s try this approach…

“Hey, how are you? How’s the week been? You know, I’ve had a rough go over here, and if you have anyone that could help out next week, that would be great. I would really appreciate it.”

Have a normal conversation. A relationship goes both ways. I don’t care if you’re stressed and neither does the person on the other end of the line.


People will stop helping you if you never help them. This goes for everybody on the team. Most people are game to help you out. A few times, actually without anything in return, and then they will stop.

I used to see this when we had sales associates who needed to get shifts covered. The team would rally and help them out a few times, and then after that, they would say no. They would be straight up and tell the person, “you ask too much.”

Teenagers are fantastic at brutal honesty.

Have people stopped helping you? Maybe it’s because you never help them.

Don’t be a “know it all”



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