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Apple has got me hooked again on their products.


I bumped my Apple Watch on the door frame.

I had done this countless times and had no problems. I looked down and the glass on the face had popped up. I tried to click it back in.


My husband tried.


No luck.

I went online to make an appointment at Apple and found out that you have to mail your watch in for these kinds of things. They won’t do it in the store. $230 for a fix. Just get a new one, my husband advised.


I didn’t want a new one. …

Gen X may have found their partner in Gen Z

Gen X me used to feel bad for Gen Z.

They have grown up with an extraordinary amount of technology. They are quick and savvy but all of that comes with a price. Their parents can find them no matter where they are. They can’t sneak out of the house or drive too fast without everyone knowing. Adults are watching them all the time.

Every part of their life is documented.

As Gen X kids, our parents had their own shit to deal with. They figured we could take care of ourselves or we would ask for help. They had…

Stop rushing and everything may come into focus.

I have a leader in my life that uses this phrase a lot. Slow down to move faster.

She would visit stores and things would be wrong. Obvious things. Clothes are on the floor but the manager is walking around with a checklist on a clipboard. Everyone is busy, running around, but stuff just isn’t getting done. What’s going on?

Have you ever been in such a hurry that you miss what is in front of your face?

The other day I was trying to get a lot done at home. I was doing too many things at once. I…

Are we ready to drop the gender preface before the title?

Have you been on LinkedIn lately? Something is happening with female leaders.

There is a movement afoot. A movement where founders, leaders, and innovators don’t feel the need to have their titles prefaced by their gender. Ashley Sumner is currently at the forefront but I’ll tell you more about her in a minute.

I came across this post a month ago from Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO & Co-Founder at Casted.

I’m not a boss babe. I’m not a girl boss. I’m not a “She”EO. I’m not a mom-preneur. I’m the CEO and co-founder of a successful, fast-growing SaaS company and have…

Five valuable lessons learned from a horrible boss.


That’s what the sign on the freeway looks like as you exit in San Ysidro, California. That sign is huge. It’s about three times the size of a normal highway sign but I always had anxiety that I would miss my exit and wind up in the long line of cars to cross the border into Mexico.

I wasn’t worried that I couldn’t get back and I wasn’t afraid of Mexico. If I accidentally crossed, it would take me several hours to get back and I was headed to work. Being on time is important to me.

Middle age has made me a more empathetic leader

I celebrated my 45th birthday in December.

A few years back my dad gave me some words of wisdom: You get some brains when you hit 40. At the time, it didn’t strike me as a light bulb moment but whenever someone in their 70s gives me advice I usually keep it in my back pocket. I never thought it would pertain to the way that I lead my teams but I’ve found that it has.

When I was a younger leader I didn’t give much thought to the lives people led outside the building we all worked in. I…

My morning run lifted the pressures I put on myself and shifted my mindset. Also, I’m not a runner.

I have felt stressed out the past couple of weeks. One day I could just feel it coursing through my blood. I don’t even remember now what I was stressed about. But I felt it all over. My shoulders were scrunched up to my ears, my arms were rigid, my neck hurt.

As more and more places have started to open around the country and here in my city everything, everywhere, is getting busier and I begin to feel that pressure of scheduling things and of doing more.

I need to start exercising more, I tell myself. I need to…

Denim trends along generational lines

I just came across a great article about how skinny jeans were out, according to Gen Z. Millennials (and Gen X) will have to wipe our tears away as we try to fit ourselves into wide-legged crop jeans with frayed hems. Somehow my 18-year-old sales associates make this look cool. They pair them with high-top Converse and a t-shirt that they got from a thrift store and it looks effortlessly stylish but when I do it I look like I’m trying. I also look two inches shorter. So, forget it.

I went through high school and college in the ’90s…

Switch cost and the necessity of daydreaming

How many times a day do you reach for your phone?

I reach for mine all the time, even when I don’t need it. Even when I don’t want it. I’ll check Instagram. Switch to Twitter. Any new emails? Check the weather app again (I live in Southern California. It’s going to be 75 degrees and sunny). What am I doing? It’s so taxing. It’s 7 am and I’ve already gone through all the apps on my home page to make sure I didn’t miss anything. It’s bonkers. It’s getting out of control.

What is my cell phone doing to…

Even in the darkest of times, light shines through.

I walked over to the koi pond and peered in. There they were. Beautiful, plump fish swirled the water with their wide, feathery tails. I walked closer to the edge and two swam over to me. Red and white spotted, a giant golden one. They poked their mouths out of the water and then dunked them back in. Other koi noticed me and they swam over too. I sat on a rock by the edge of the pond and watched them. They danced through the water, happily visiting me, before swimming off again.

I was in the middle of an…

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